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Titles under £100

  • A Little Treachery - London Series

    A water coloured dry-point on an 8 pp gatefold. Text printed letter-press in 14 pt Helvetica Light – 12 pp on Arches paper sewn into grey card cover.


  • Alphabeta Concertina

    A new version of Alphabeta Concertina, King’s classic capital letter 1983 version, reprised here to correct its long ‘out of print’ status and updated with newly modified designs for some of the letters. A double-sided...


  • Alphabeta Concertina Minuscule

    A new double-sided concertina alphabet book by Ron King at Circle Press. It is artwork, typographical experiment and feat of paper engineering. ’Alphabeta Concertina Minuscule‘ with its gently unfolding letters is in a sense a...


  • Black Hole Off Crete

    Poem and image printed silk screen and letter-press in Baskerville on the theme of a spacewalker. 8 pp gate-fold on Glastonbury Book paper – 19×30 cm stapled to sugar paper covers


  • Circus Turn

    Designed and printed in the same format as ‘Turn Over Darling’, 1990. A series of 6 double-sided blind-embossed images printed in wire, which, when folded and juxtaposed in sequence make eleven changing circus scenes. 75...


  • Claim Claim Claim

    The third book of contemporary poetry published by Circle Press. Six original screen prints and printed letter-press in 14 pt Modern by Des Jeffery in Suffolk. Copies signed by the artist – 60 pp –...


  • Cooking the Books: Ron King and Circle Press

    Catalogue raisonné with colour images of every Circle Press publication to date – with four original inserts. Essay by Andrew Lambirth, descriptions and commentary by Ron King. Published by the Yale Center for British Art,...


  • Earth Birds - Paperback

    Previously unpublished collection of 46 poems (1964-72) printed letter-press in 12 pt Baskerville in six 8 pp sections 29×20 cm. Five designs printed in relief onto Glastonbury Book paper, and sewn into brown paper cover....


  • Echo Book

    A small booklet with the words ‘ECHO BOOK’ printed in wire and blind embossed to read ‘BOOK ECHO’ on the reverse of the page. The impression fades as the pages are turned in sequence. Two...


  • Hadrian’s Dream - London Series

    Multicoloured relief design with text printed letter-press in Futura Bold on an elaborate fold-out – 26 pp on Rivoli paper sewn into buff-coloured card cover.


  • Ice Berg Scholar Ship

    Two offset-litho images with footnotes and poems printed letter-press in 14 & 18 pt Plantin. Signed copies – 40pp unsewn – 24×18 cm on mould-made paper inserted into a hand-made card portfolio. This book with...


  • In Praise of Windmills - London Series

    Six black and white silk screened sequential images with letter-press printed in grey in 16 pt Helvetica Bold – 20 pp on Somerset mould-made paper sewn into white card cover.


  • Little But Often

    A double-sided concertina alphabet book made up of 26 pop-up lower case letters in collaboration with poet Richard Price. It pairs King at his most elegantly minimalist and sculptural with a new suite of love...


  • Looks Like Nothing the Shadow Through Air

    Previously unpublished poems written between 1960-1969 with five relief prints and text printed letter-press in 12 pt Times Roman. 36 pp – 28×20 cm on T. H. Saunders mould-made paper sewn into yellow card cover....


  • Lusus Naturae - London Series

    Landscape format book with eight photo-booth images and text printed off-set litho with one page water coloured in the unsigned copies and seven water coloured in the signed versions – 24 pp on mould-made paper...


  • Postcards to the Undercliff

    A collaboration between poet Keith Please and artist Bob Chaplin; nine poems on the theme of the Isle of Wight w the 17 photographic images printed litho duotone. The 28 pages include two gate-fold spreads...


  • Roller - Hardback

    The first computer-generated book made at Circle Press, designed for a text written in 1979, printed in Centaur on an Epson Stylus in three colours by Karen Bleitz. Signed and in a concertina format –...


  • Roller - Paperback

    The first computer-generated book made at Circle Press, designed for a text written in 1979, printed in Centaur on an Epson Stylus in three colours by Karen Bleitz. In a concertina format – 22 pp...


  • Second Nature - London Series

    Poem by Paul Eluard for which the translation by Samuel Beckett first appeared in ‘This Quarter’ in 1932. Paper-cut design by Ian Tyson. Printed letter-press in Baskerville – 16 pp on toned paper and sewn...


  • The Song of Solomon

    A half-size reproduction version of Ron King’s 1968 book, with a commentary by George Szirtes and an 8 page leaflet by art historian Pat Gilmour, ‘Artist’s books in the 20th Century’. 76pp 23×17.5 cms bound...