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Titles from £100 to £350

  • Matisse’s Model

    An edition of 50 signed book-works made by the same process as Acrobats. 23×17 cm with mirror-foil, sprayed pages, and a removable freestanding figure in collaged cardboard box.


  • A Walk Along the Shore

    A first edition poem in 55 sections with nine screen prints and text printed letter-press in 14 pt Baskerville. Signed copies,15 proofs – ten 8 pp sections 33×23 cm on Velin Arches paper. Part of...


  • Alphabet II Poster - Signed by Ron King

    A pop-up alphabet poster with letters cut and creased on Waterford rag paper mounted onto a heavier version of the same stock – 76×50cm. The poster is supplied in a polythene bag and is simple...


  • Turn Over Darling - Signed

    A series of six double-sided blind embossed images printed in wire, which, when folded and juxtaposed in sequence, make eleven reclining nudes which change position from front to back view. Signed By Ron King. Six...